The Creek Dubai

Last Day of Dubai and first day of the year!! Waking up on the first day of the year in Dubai was very nice indeed!! I started the day off watching telly in the bath with a cup of tea hehe!! After a stressful morning of packing!! We then headed down to Jumeirah Beach Residence […]

New Years Eve Dubai

NYE in Dubai!! Now we wanted to watch the Burjkhalifa fireworks so we decided to book a hotel in Dubai for NYE night, we booked it when we arrived in Dubai on the Sunday and were surprised it was still available as we would have thought everywhere would have been booked!! However by the Tuesday […]

Dubai Desert

Day Three in Dubai (Wednesday) we had a lazy day on the beach in the morning and went for some lunch in the afternoon at a lovely golf club attached to a habour, ohh and not too mention a cheeky look around the waldorf hotel!!   Before the sun set in the afternoon my uncle […]


Right so I know what your thinking, I am being un-organised and I have missed my first day of the week I said I was going to post every day, however I have decided to do them in the equivalent days to what we did on those days, if you know what I mean, so […]


Hello again, right so I know I said in only my last blog I was planning on writing every Sunday and becoming more organised which I have already failed!! But I would say I do have a valid point as I was surprised with the trip of a life time on Christmas day!! Matt told […]

Clothes Show Live

Okay I am slightly delayed on this post, but the length of it you can see why!! And I don’t blame you if you give up half way through! But there’s just so much to say! Over the past weekend the amazing clothes show came to Birmingham!! How could I resist going!! I am a […]

Coats Coats Coats!!

As winter is now on its way booooooo… and its starting to get very cold outside I have started thinking about principle coat statements needed in my wardrobe! I like to have a mixture of transitional coats, by this I mean ones you wear at this time of year, when its not too freezing!!! But […]