I work for a fairly social company who like to make the most out of seasonal and charitable events. For children in need this Friday they have decided to go with ‘wear your pyjamas to work day!’ I could not believe it when I opened my email to this! I love to dress up… maybe from all those weekly social occasions at uni! uni blues sadness :(…

This time I tried to be slightly more organised than Halloween! .. But oh no I still left it to the last minute as per! I needed yellow face paint as I wanted to do the Pudsie face! I popped to Argos and picked up a snazaroo party pack for £9.99! Providing me with six different colours which will last me at least over the Christmas period! Unfortunately as I was very dis-organised I could not find any pudsie Pyjama’s to wear for the next day! So I decided to go in my white onesie as it reminds me of a polar bear, so I decided to go with the theme I’m Pudsie’s long lost cousin from the North! (okay lame joke)

I have always wanted to go into work in my Pyjamas! Just the other week I was saying I wanted to come into work in Pyjamas.. Okay so you might think that’s a little werdi but I’ll explain. Basically I was looking on Vogue at work and my friend (who is not completely fashion focused) wondered why people were wearing pyjamas (the latest trend from SS16 runways). I tried to explain but she said she would kill me if I came to work like that! Haha! I was saying I could not wait to wear the slippers coming out in the summer, or the flats, however they decided to re-vamp those beautiful SS16 shoe’s for the Highstreet! .. and that’s how we got on to the subject of wearing PJs to work! And what do you know my wish came true this Friday! Not to mention it is for a great cause which makes it so enjoyable and worth every moment!

I’ve left a few piccys of the day below, hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you guys got up to! Hope you have a fab day and night! I have also uploaded a video on my youtube channel of the day if you fancy seeing Pudsie do Zumba head on over …


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