Clothes Show Live

Okay I am slightly delayed on this post, but the length of it you can see why!! And I don’t blame you if you give up half way through! But there’s just so much to say!

Over the past weekend the amazing clothes show came to Birmingham!! How could I resist going!! I am a sucker when it comes to clothes and for those of you who know me well will know I am absolutely obsessed with those beautiful garments we place on our bodies everyday!! I just can’t get enough of them!

The event took place over four days, there were acts such as Ella Ayre and Charlie XCX performing as well as reality stars like Joey Essex’s and Charlotte Crosby were found walking around the NEC arena doing talks and book signing. We managed to see Charlotte Crosby while she was doing a book signing, but unfortunately the queue was very long and my feet were hurting so sorry charl we did not queue for that one!

The show is my favourite part of the day!! And we got the 10am slot which I was chuffed about because then you are able to wonder around have a look at your own leisure and leave when you want, without keeping your eye on the time in-case you miss your slot at the show, best way to do it! I think! I have posted a separate video on the show as I don’t think the pictures do it justice!

After the show we walked around the stalls.. so many!! Starting with the beauty stalls, brands such as Rimmel, NYX, Younique, Models own, Lee Stafford made an appearance. There were also a lot of BROW bars going on and teeth whitening this year! Even the one and only Mr.Balnc attended!! These were the best stalls I think as I was not overly impressed with the clothes stalls, there were no brands as such apart from Bessie the Bus from Oasis! She was brilliant!! Although when too many people were on it did start to sway and make me feel slightly sick! Like I was on a boat! For those of you who don’t know (but I’m sure you doo!!) Oasis have a bus full of clothes (AMAZING!!), her name is Bessie and she tours around the UK, parks up where she likes and sells clothes!! I’ve always thought how cool it would be to work on there, it would be like you are on tour!! Everywhere would be home!!

There were a few up and coming brands however, such as Jefferys boutique who make dresses fit to your measurements, they were very well made and very classy looking!! As well and reasonably priced, around £50 mark, I will definitely be making a purchase from them!

As well as the big show, there was also mini shows going on around the arena, we stumbled upon one, only because we wanted to sit down due to our feet hurting, but I am so glad we did! Her name is Katie Jones and she is a knitwear designer, she makes one of pieces from old jumpers and sofas (for the leather), before you click on the link below and think what the hell is this! Yes I realise it is not the kind of thing you would wear walking down the street, but I just love how colourful and fun she is,, plus how warm do those jumpers look!!


Now down to the best part, if your still with me thank you for persisting through that mammoth of a blog!! Sit back and enjoy the piccy’s!

Goodie bags!! I only picked up two goodie bags this year, but by far the best two!!

Barry M £10- worth £60


Lee Stafford – best one! £20 – worth so much more!!



So 5 hours later and it brings us to the end!!

I am so so excited to try everything out! Especially the hair products!! I will fully review each product once further testing is complete!

Thank you for bearing with.. Did you guys manage to go this year? Or have you ever been?


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