L’oreal Hair Dye

For the past year I have gradually been trying to go blonde, naturally being a Dark Chocolate Brunette it is hard to keep those roots hidden! I was in two minds of going back dark for winter or carrying on with my blonde journey! Due to the condition my hair is currently in and the fact we are now entering the winter period I’ve decided to turn to the dark side!

Being the typical last minute me J my lovely trusted hair dresser is fully booked up until after Christmas! Which is a nightmare considering my roots are half way down my head! I thought it has to be a D.I.Y job!



I picked up little number 515 Chocolate Truffle L’Oreal, as my hair dresser had advised me to go for a warm brown to avoid my hair going green! I thought this must fit the bill as there were no other descriptions of warm brown.

I currently have almost three colours in my hair, my Natural hair colour and stripes of Bleach Blonde and Caramel which have been put through around about 4 times. I have a full head of foils everytime I go, which takes almost 3 hours! Because of how much hair I have!


Considering I have never done a DIY hair colouring before I was a little nervous on how this was going to turn out because of all the different colours I had in my hair! At one point I thought my head was going to look like a patched-worked quilt! For this reason I did leave it on a little longer than the 20 minutes recommended, I left it around 25-30 minutes, although my head did feel like it was starting to burn a little! Maybe not such a good idea!

I washed it out with warm water first, then shampooed it using BedHead (the green bottled one- as this adds protein into the hair which the dye takes out), I then conditioned my hair with the conditioner provided with the hair dye kit.




End result… L’Oreal did not disappoint! The hair covered very very well! Completely covered up the bleach! Which I was very impressed with! There were no patches what so ever, the dye gave a very even coverage! I did end up with a slight tint, I’m still unsure if its slightly red tinche or purple, very slight mind. You can’t really tell in the picture, but in my video you can see a slight shine.




I am still getting used to being dark again and I am missing my Blonde, always the way though isn’t it! I just need a couple of months to adjust and then I think I will be fine! If not I will start Blonde journey once again in the summer months! Or perhaps I might try a different colour.. any suggestions?

Have you ever done a D.I.Y hair moment? Have you been in two minds about your hair colour? I would love to hear from you all! If you have any questions please leave comments below

Much love


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