Lee Stafford Hair Remedies

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Following on from my previous post about all the lovely steals I retrieved from the clothes show I wanted to share with you a few of my favourites which have shined!! Quite literally!! From my hair results…

The Light Oil Repairing Mist, I have noticed a dramatic difference with the quality of my hair after using this product! It feels and looks a lot healthier! I think going back dark has helped with the shine, but even now it still looks very glossy and I do not notice the spilt ends any more, not like before when I would be constantly picking them out every-time I stopped for a minute at work!!


This teamed with the Miracle Heat Defence Spray have definitely sorted out my dry, damaged, sad, grumpy, dull looking locks! And can I just mention the smell of both products here! They make me feel uplifted every-time I spray them! Very fruity and refreshing! So if you do walk past that cute boy you fancy at work be sure to give you locks a flick! That smell will surely get a notice! Haha!


Talking about uplift I was very impressed with the Root Booster Mouse as well! If your fed up of back combing and waking up with hair you cannot even brush and even after washing it, trying to brush it still makes your eyes water! Give this a go instead! Towel dry your hair and lift up pieces of your hair where you want the volume to be, so I tend to do it around the side of my head about an inch and a half above my ears, and move around to the back following the same line around the head, from the ears. Once you spray it, it will come out like mouse, but if you just give it a little rub the mouse will go, it may feel cold and tingly but don’t worry this just means those little boosters are working to volumise your luscious locks! When you come to dry your hair, this is where you will see the effects, it may feel a little like you have back combed it, in terms of the hair may be a bit sticky and knotted underneath, but just brush your top layer over it and style as normal, your hair will look volumised and when you come to wash your hair or even brush it the day after it will not be in that mangled mess from the back combed effect, very happy with this product! 🙂


Well those are my favourites so far from the collection I gathered at the clothes show, I am also in the process of using the hair growth mask, however I have been abit slow here! I used it for the first time today and it says to use it once a week to see effects, so I have decided to become a bit more organised now and write a post every Sunday, because lets face it Sundays are for lazy days anyways 🙂 and then I will update you on the process of the growth here as well!




I hope you found this useful! And love all the products as much as I do! Let me know if you have been using them already and how you find them, or if you really recommend something else from the Lee Stafford range or any range!!??


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2 thoughts on “Lee Stafford Hair Remedies

    • Hi Layla!! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year!! I can’t believe I have not used them before!! My hair is in such a better condition now!! Would you recommend any others? xx


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