Right so I know what your thinking, I am being un-organised and I have missed my first day of the week I said I was going to post every day, however I have decided to do them in the equivalent days to what we did on those days, if you know what I mean, so for example Monday we just had a lazy beach day and watched the sun go down at dinner, which was lovely but I feel you can do this on most hot holidays, so instead I’ve missed out Monday and skipped straight to Tuesday because I am going to write about the activities we did on each day and what you can see in Dubai if you fancy a trip out there.

So Tuesday we visited the Burjkhalifa! This is a must if you go to Dubai!! I can now finally say I have been at one of the highest points in the world!! As it is the tallest building in the world! Did you also know people actually live at the top of the burj! So you cannot actually get to the top, but where we went was quite high enough for me Thankyou!!



Matt actually booked the burj before we flew out there as he is a bit of a sight see’er this was probably the main reason he booked to go to Dubai!! Lucky he did to be honest and I would advise if you wanted to visit the Burj if you are going to Dubai then book in advance as a week before we flew out the whole week was all booked up!! He paid £120 for the two of us, however this included a three course meal in the armani restaurant!! Which was totally worth it!! The food was gorgeous!! However very small portions, I like Matt’s comment when the main came over he asked where the rest of his meal was!! Haha!! However if you do not fancy the meal then it is around £20-£25 just to go up there and see the sights. Also I must add there are two floors you can go to, so we went to 125th floor, however you can go up to the 148th floor, which I believe costs a little bit more.


Rights so about the experience, when you go in you go through the security and get your bags checked (a little bit like being at the airport!!), you then enter the lift which takes seconds to shoot you up to the top! And your ears start popping like mad!! Also the lift goes all dark and lights start to flash, as well as some strange music starts to play, its quite cool actually, you can see the number of floors you are passing, I think it takes around 1 minute and a half to get to the 125th floor! How crazy is that!! Nothing like your average shopping car park lift!!

When you get to the top you venture outside on the decking bit, don’t worry though! Its not like your ordinary garden decking!! Its very safe, the gaps between the decking are very small and you can’t really see through them, so its not as scary as you might think, it is a little windy, but hardly anything considering how high you are!! It is all sheltered and safe up there and the views are incredible!! With very clean windows!!



You then go round to the inside, kind of like you are doing a full circle around the burj, they have a shop in the inside where you can get little souvenirs and also a place where you can have your picture taken and they will superimpose it on the Burj asif you are falling off or standing on top of it, quite cool actually!

The queue to get down is quite long, and when you get to the bottom you can venture left to the restaurant or back out to the mall, if you do eat in the restaurant I would advise doing the burj in the morning as it gets really busy in the afternoon!

And after our food we walked around the mall which you could actually spend all day in!! We stumbled across the inside aquarium!! In which we paid to go in, it is £100 durham each just to go in, which works out to around £17 (trick is divide everything in durhams by 6 and you will get the English value), there are other deals to do the boat ride which is slightly more, however this deal was definitely worth it! You go through the tunnel at first, where the fish and sharks are swimming above you,, you then see the exit at the end and you think is this all I paid for, I could have seen this from the outside!! But then you go up one floor and get to see the top where one of the ladies feed ‘s the fish!! Which is cool!! After this you then go up another floor to the underwater zoo they call it, this is by far the best part of the whole experience!! There are giant crabs! Literally half the size of me!! Alligators! And even Penguins!!


After this we went outside and watched the fountains which go off to the sound of music and reach 40 meters in the air!! It is literally like a stamped when the music comes on so I did not get very good snaps here!




Sorry for such the long post!! This was a full packed day!! and I actually could not even feel my feet by the end of it!!

Have any of your guys ever been to the Burj? Did you venture to the 148th floor? Or the 125th? If you haven’t are you planning on taking a trip soon? I hope this has helped you if you are!! I would love to hear about your recent holiday adventures!!




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