Dubai Desert

Day Three in Dubai (Wednesday) we had a lazy day on the beach in the morning and went for some lunch in the afternoon at a lovely golf club attached to a habour, ohh and not too mention a cheeky look around the waldorf hotel!!




Before the sun set in the afternoon my uncle took us to the dessert! And it was incredible!!

While we were in the desert and it started to go dark unfortunately the truck broke down!! Luckily we were rescued by some nice people in the dessert who took us to their camel farm!! I am not even joking there were about 50 camels just randomly in the dessert and they called it their farm, just like we would call it a farm of horses/sheep/cows in a field! It was amazing and there was a 20 hours old camel there!! Of which his mumma was very protective!! (unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the farm, however I did film it which I will put on youtube as soon as I have edited it)

Out their camels are very valued, like horses are over here, they even have camel racing over there!! Apparently they can run very fast, however I canโ€™t comment I did not see any run!



Our Savior!!!





After we fixed the car my uncle wanted to take us to another part of the desert so decided to see if the car was running okay and turned it off on the six lane motor way!! In which it did not turn back on!! Cut a long story short we eneded up rolling to a stop and after flagging a number of cars down we eneded up flagging the head of police down!! Who was very helpful and organised some police cars to come and get us and take us home.. What a Day!!


I would love to hear about your crazy holiday stories, you know those ones where at the time it is not funny, but after which you find the humour behind it all ๐Ÿ™‚





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