New Years Eve Dubai

NYE in Dubai!! Now we wanted to watch the Burjkhalifa fireworks so we decided to book a hotel in Dubai for NYE night, we booked it when we arrived in Dubai on the Sunday and were surprised it was still available as we would have thought everywhere would have been booked!! However by the Tuesday all rooms were taken, so if you are thinking about Dubai for NYE 2017 I would start looking now, as we paid £430, however a couple we met there paid £190 because they booked this December 2014 (so a year in advance! I am never that organised, but it proves it pays to be!!). Also you pay by room over there not per person, so we thought it was quite reasonable considering the time of year and how late we were booking. Anyway I haven’t even mentioned the name of the hotel!! We stayed The Conrad, which is primarily a business hotel, it had an Oasis spa on the 6th floor which was gorgeous!! I haven’t got any pictures currently, but I have done a video which I will post soon!! I promise!!








We also booked a premium double which included access to the executive lounge (not out of choice- but because this was the only thing left!! Haha!!) But I am so glad we did!! As we basically got free food 24-7!! When we arrived the hotel staff took our bags off us and asked us to go to the lounge where we had afternoon tea! Which was served from 2pm-6pm, and this was continually filled, with sandwiches, cakes, scones! After that was finished dinner was brought out,, there was a lot of choice, from Chinese to chicken and Veg.


We did not actually eat this as we were still full from afternoon tea, so we headed straight to the array of FREE ALOCHOL they had on offer!! Disaronno!! My Fav!! No where I have been has ever gave out free disaronno!!.. Champagne.. wine.. Gin.. and they did not hold back, they were premium named brands!! It was very nice indeed



At around 9ish we decided to walk outside and find a good spot to watch the fireworks, as we heard it gets very busy very quickly. We ended up finding a spot outside Pizza Hut!! And .. Well.. It would have been rude to stand outside all night and not order!! So we had a cheeky BBQ chicken and sweetcorn pizza to share while we waited!! Hehe

(sorry about the rubbish pic I had to snap it quick! before Matty got his hands on it! Hehe!)


I have always heard Dubai like to put on a good show for New Year, considering they hold the biggest building in the world!! But it is safe to say they did not disappoint!!



I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and have some big adventures lined up for 2016 :),, any New Year resolutions at all?? I haven’t actually made any yet!! Apart from maybe to go on more holidays!! Hehe!!



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