The Creek Dubai

Last Day of Dubai and first day of the year!!

Waking up on the first day of the year in Dubai was very nice indeed!! I started the day off watching telly in the bath with a cup of tea hehe!! After a stressful morning of packing!! We then headed down to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) The Walk, which is abit of a sight see’er in Dubai, in a nut shell it is a lovely long beach with restaurants all along the beach and a water park in the sea!!

We got the metro to JBR, you get on the metro and then you get off at the marine stop and hop on the tram, it is quite straight forward.. well it has to be if me and matt managed it!! We got off the tram at the first stop and walked through the mall to the habour before arriving at JBR,, it was beautiful!! And it was so hot!! I swear it must have been 25 degrees at least!!




After the JBR we then headed to meet my family who took us to the old Dubai, down the sook and the creek,, I feel this is the way you experience the real Dubai!




We went across the creek on a wooden boat, which I must admit I did not feel the most safe on!! However the views were so nice!!


We then had dinner on the river!


Again another packed day, however there is so much to see in Dubai you do have to cram these things in!

After this it was time to head home so we then headed to the air port :(, we both had £500 durhams left each which works out to just under £100 (if you use the rule divide by 5-6 you will get what Durhams are worth in English), matt gave me mine and within 20 mins it was all gone on make up!! 🙂 which I will let you know how I get on with them!

So that completes all the Dubai posts, I hope they have helped if you are planning a trip out there anytime soon 🙂

Also an update on the hair, since it is Sunday, it has got longer and I got some comments from family and friends on how long my hair has got so I think it is slowly working!


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